Population and History Village name

Over the centuries the population of Oroklini’s village increased; In 1878, it had 150 people. In 1881 the population grew to 260 people while in 1911 it reached to 410. In 1928 611 people, in 1946 the residents came up to 811, whilst in 1976 the population reached 1315 people. During the inventory of 2001 the residents were 3302. Its population in 2011 was 6,134.

Prior to these figures Oroklini went through a period of abandonments from 1572. These temporary abandonments were because of unstable social and political conditions raids and epidemics. The historical maps of Cyprus dated in 1573 identified the village with the name Voroclini is printed on it. The Oroklini village is also found on other Venetian 17th century maps as Vorochlini whilst on documents of the French embassy it is mentioned as Verochino. According to the local traditions the village was originally north-east to where it is located today, at Agiou Thoma. During the epidemic, flocks of animals were moved towards the spring of Agia Katerini and then the people followed.

Current research of the village name Oroklini suggest that the name of the village Voroklini possibly came from its springs, whose water is brackish. The water quality is supported by oral reports. Another possible version may have come from the words oros and klinin which means rich. This refers to the rich water which flows from the mountain slopes.